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Our tours

Our tours can show you Brisbane’s best sights. Tours can start from any rank or maybe you prefer a hotel pick-up. If you want to enjoy a tour please complete the booking form below.


What you will see

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Where you can find us

During the weekend days our cabs are based at South Bank at the Wheel of Brisbane. On Friday and Saturday nights, you will find Green Cabs at South Bank (till 10pm) and throughout the city centre, including at our rank at Fridays in Eagle St.

When we operate

  • Friday evenings: 5pm – late
  • Saturday: 11am-late
  • Sunday: 11am-6pm
  • School holidays: 11am-6pm (limited service)
  • Public holidays: 11am-6pm (limited service)
  • Weekdays: 11am-6pm (limited service)

Book a Tour Brisbane

  • :


  • Prices for Tours 1-4 relate to tours starting from the Big Wheel rank

For tours starting from other sites, not including The Valley, please add:

  • Tours 1 & 2 – add $10 (finish at the Big Wheel)
  • Tours 3 & 4 – add $20 (finish at Treasury Casino)

Tours starting at The Valley:

  • Only the Grand River Tour is available from The Valley – $100

3 person fares

If 2 person cab rate is:

  • $20-$30 add $10
  • $35-$45 add $15
  • $50-$75 add $20
  • $80 or more add $30

1 person fares
If 2 person cab rate is:

  • $20 subtract $5
  • $30-$40 subtract $10
  • $45 or more subtract $15