Thanks for your interest in joining the Green Cabs team.

If you enjoy providing exceptional customer service, and have an eye for safety, then this is the most fun you’ll ever have keeping fit!

You can apply to ride in Melbourne, Surfers Paradise or Brisbane.

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  • Please describe your fitness level (eg riding history; ways you keep fit)
  • Please describe some jobs you have done involving selling, customer service, dealing with people, etc

Rider testimonials

See what others say about their experience working with Green Cabs.

“Thanks for the opportunity to work for Green Cabs. It was certainly a unique experience and probably the most fun I’ve ever had at work!”

“I was just looking through my pictures on my computer when I found the good old Green Cab pics. It reminded me of the great time I had working as a driver; exhausting, but I never earned that much money so easy and with so much fun!”

“So I will leave Australia, and I enjoyed my trip here. My experience in Australia will be associated with Green Cabs, a real good job. Free to choose when I work, I didn’t need an alarm to wake up. I stayed in the best places of Brisbane and I improved my English. I am happy you gave me a chance to work at Green Cabs, and I think your business is really fair with riders.”

My first memory of Green Cabs was as a passenger at around 10yrs old; my sister and I enjoyed a ride with music; the ride started near The Wheel of Brisbane at Southbank and crossed over the Victoria Bridge to finish off near the Treasury Casino in the City. 

Roughly seven years after that ride, I had a week-long stint working with Green Cabs in 2017. The stint, which was in partnership with the Brisbane International Tennis event, involved shuttling people closer to the Brisbane International Tennis Stadium. 

I officially started riding as a green cabbie in Brisbane, around July 2018. I’ve been riding with Green Cabs on and off up until now (30/04/22). Over the course of my time riding with Green Cabs, I have been fortunate enough to ride in all 3 cities where Green Cabs is situated; I have mostly ridden on and off in Brisbane, I’ve dabbled riding in Surfers Paradise and rode in Melbourne for 5 months on almost a full-time basis.  

My experience riding with Green Cabs so far (07/18 – 04/22) has been unparalleled. I hope to continue experiencing the experience that being a Green Cabs rider provides. E.g. – meeting and getting to know new people, such as: passengers and other green cabs riders; making money by having a fun time (at least what I consider to be fun). *Sure, some aspects of the job may not be very fun, like: getting caught out in the rain, struggling to ride up hills, and the odd heckler.* However, I would say these factors all contribute to the experience of green cabbing being one that is unparalleled.  

I feel like my experience riding with Green Cabs has been so much more than just the rotation of my legs and the meandering of busy traffic – Being a green cabbie has allowed me to provide an appreciated service to the public all whilst bringing personal fulfilment into an otherwise confusing and strange life.

“I have to say that it is really enjoyable and unforgettable working for GC, not only because it is a well-paid job, but also a good exercise and quite special experience than other people who came from other country like me. And I really thank you for that. I hope one day in the nearly future when people say about Brisbane they will also think about that there is a Green Cab as a symbol of Brisbane. I am proud to be part of the GC company!!”