Next time you are in Melbourne, Surfers Paradise or Brisbane, climb aboard one of our modern Pedicabs for the most enjoyable ride to your destination while doing your part to preserve the planet. Our professional and friendly Pedicab riders can effortlessly get you to where you are going. You can book your cab online here


Our pedicab tours can show you the best sights in Brisbane, Surfers Paradise or Melbourne. There is no better way to explore a city than in the back of a peacefully cruising pedicab. We will take you to the places and paths where traditional forms of transportation cant go. Tours can start from any rank or maybe you prefer a hotel pick-up.


  • Each cab can comfortably fit 2 x Adult (2 x Child under 8 free)
  • Tours are a 100% refundable in cases of heavy rain.

Where you can find us

  • Just let us know on the booking form where you want to start your tour.
  • View Green Cabs Hotel Pick up area here. Hotel pick up is not valid for short tours under 25min.
  • Depending on your starting point we might need to adjust the tour.

When we operate

  • Weekdays: 12 pm – 10 pm (limited service)
  • Friday: 11 am – late
  • Saturday: 11 am – late
  • Sunday: 11 am – 10 pm

In Surfers Paradise we start from 6 pm.